Get Safe

Get Safe is the name for Worcestershire’s multi-agency support and protection for children and young people at risk of Criminal Exploitation.

Have you seen a change in their behaviour or routines? Do they have unexplained money, clothing or gifts? Do you think they maybe being criminally exploited?

It is important to know you are not alone. There are many parents and carers in similar situations and there are things you can do:

  • Speak to your child and tell them what you are worried about.
  • Let them know they are not in trouble and that you are worried.
  • If your child has missed a curfew time and you have exhausted all avenues to
    locate them, consider reporting them missing to the police.
  • Where possible keep a record of any worrying activity as it will help find out
    what is happening
  • Be aware that there may be threats against you or your family that your child is worried about from those who are exploiting your child. Your child may believe they are protecting you.
  • Look at the advice available to you and your family listed on this site and seek help and support



For information and resources to help you look out for signs of child exploitation: Get Safe | Worcestershire County Council

Concerned about a child or young person at immediate risk of harm Police 999

Request for help and support via our family support service:

Request services from Early Help Family Support | Worcestershire County Council

Refer your child/ young person to Children’s Social care: 01905 822666