PACE – Parents against child exploitation

Parents Against Child Exploitation (Pace) UK (

Pace offers a range of different support services for parents and carers across England and Wales.

Pace offers the following services for parents whose children are at risk of, or are being sexually exploited.

  • Local parent liaison officers across the North West of England
  • National telephone-based support service
  • Parent network days
  • Online parent forum
  • Parent newsletter
  • Parent befriending

PACE parent support workers provide independent, non-judgmental and confidential support, which fully recognises your rights as a parent and your decisions on how to reduce the risk of harm to your child.

PACE can listen to your concerns, give information on statutory agencies and procedures and pass on advice from other affected parents, should you require it. They will never blame you for what is happening to your child and aim to help you find the best solution for your family.



For general enquires call 0113 240 3040


PACE takes referral directly from parents. If you are worried about child sexual or criminal exploitation happening to your son or daughter, please complete this form>