PEGS – Child to Parent Abuse: Supporting parents and professionals.

If you’re experiencing Child to Parent Abuse then we are here for you, to stand by you, to empower you, to listen to you, and to invite you in to our community of thousands of parents who understand what you’re going through.

Child-to-Parent Abuse is where a child (of any age) displays repeated abusive behaviours towards a parental figure. This abuse may be physical, verbal, economic, digital, coercive, or even sexual – and it’s thought to occur in at least 3% of UK homes, although the real figure could be much higher. CPA is not ‘normal’ challenging behaviour experienced by most parents. It causes parents to feel fearful, isolated, and like they’re treading on eggshells, forces them to leave their careers and change their routines and lifestyles, and has a profound impact on families .

The main aims of PEGS are: helping parents (through advocacy, one-to-one sessions, peer support, drop ins and bespoke workshops and programmes), training professionals (including local authorities, police forces and charities), raising awareness, and influencing regional and national policy.

PEGS is set up to support parents, carers and guardians who are experiencing Child to Parent Abuse (including those with adult offspring). We don’t directly work with the child displaying the behaviours but have a network of partners whose expertise lies in this area.




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