We support the people who care for survivors of sexual or violent crime

If you are caring or supporting someone who has been a victim of a violent or sexual crime, then Restitute is here to provide support and information for you. We know how hard it is to care for someone who may be struggling with their mental health, dealing with a vast number of agencies such as education, health, the police, social services, juggling finances whilst at the same time coping with your own feelings.

While many victims of crime prefer to refer to themselves as survivors, the lack of awareness, support and stigmatisation faced by people caring for survivors means that their needs are often misunderstood, although primary victims are only too aware of the vital support that they offer. To the rest of society, they are the forgotten victims of crime. Through our work, we hope to change this.

Restitute work with parents, carers, siblings and other family members who support children and adults who are survivors of sexual assault and abuse.




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If you work for another organisation and would like to refer a client to Restitute, please use this professional referral form
Please understand that we prioritise 3rd party victims of crime who may require our urgent help.


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