Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service (Connexus)

Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service exists to provide an outreach and a child/young person’s service to women, men and their children whose lives are affected by domestic abuse, to empower them to make decisions for themselves about their own futures. 

We work in partnership with local agencies to enable women, men and children/young people to regain the strength and confidence to take control of their lives and to have a future without fear.

This service was set up to recognise that people experiencing domestic abuse needs and risk levels are fluid and everchanging. Therefore, we provide a service for high-risk victims of domestic abuse to avoid victims ‘bouncing around’ between different service providers and to minimise retraumatising them by retelling their story countless occasions.

The service provides:

  • Dedicated support either via face to face meetings, telephone, text or email according to need and individual choice 
  • Services in communities through working with other agencies 
  • Training and awareness sessions for agencies or individuals 

Our refuge is a safe place, staffed by trained workers who will help you to settle in and begin to plan your future. They will help you to work out your money situation and apply for benefits, support you to meet your children’s needs and work with you to help you access permanent housing.

While you’re at our refuge, you will be offered support and resettlement advice and practical help. Through meeting other women in similar situations you will begin to form supportive networks that will make it easier for you to settle into your own home when the time comes. 

Our refuge is women-only spaces, although men may sometimes come in to perform essential services e.g. repairing the boiler. 




Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service

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